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Nature and Architecture in Beads

Nature and Architecture in Beads

I found this enchanting passage in San Francisco, California.  I fell in love with how the greens of the plants and the color of the houses created a very interesting hue in the surroundings. These colors inspired me to do something similar with these 18mm daisy Czech glass buttons. The look is magical!

Find these Czech glass buttons here

When I went to visit the social project that we were supporting in Burkina Faso, i was able to travel a few days to the desert in the north of the country. The earthy colors in this picture inspired me to apply them to these rondell beads. The green bushes are the turquoise in the beads, and the water is represented by the amber picasso beads. I find this combination of colors to be very pleasing to the eye!

Find these rondells here:

In one of our trips to Prague, Czech Republic I found the details of this door to be so beautiful. The rustic turquoise patina of the bronze inspired me to apply the same effect in these dahlia flower beads. I find so much inspiration in the scenes of life!
Find these dahlia flowers here

I have always liked turquoise furniture with an old country french style. The bed in the picture is mine, i painted it myself. I used different shades of turquoise and then I applied an antique finish. I adopted the same idea to design these beautiful rondell beads. They are also a mix of different shades of turquoise and the antiquing is mimicked by the picasso finish.
Find these rondells here

I was walking in the Ramon Crater in Israel when I found these beautiful plants. Although most of the desert plants are thick with scratches due to the difficult weather and environment, i fell in love with the light reflecting across the plant. I found out that indeed, these plants were green but the white dust was so strong that they almost looked turquoise. I tried to apply the same colors in these saturn beads. The beautiful mix of turquoise with transparent greens is finished with the earthy feeling of the picasso finish.

Find these Saturn Beads on our website.

We were walking in the “Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village” in Sedona, Arizona when i found this interesting setting. The shadows of the trees were creating a kind of spooky pattern on the walls while the Asian warrior gave us his back. The brown red tones with a golden peach light  gave me the inspiration to apply these colors to the roller beads. I love the earthy tones from the desert.

Find these roller beads in 6x9mm and 8x12mm

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