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From Our Family to Yours

From Our Family to Yours

Dear Friends, 

Change and uncertainty seem to the be only remaining certainties in the world of beads today.

How, where and from whom beaders source their goods remains an evolving process with many more questions than answers each day.

We built Nirvana Beads with a strong appreciation for the full cycle of each of our signature beads:

  • from Artisans in the Czech Republic whose decades of experience makes their exacting work seem effortless
  • to our Home Office team in Hudson, NY where we sort and pack millions of beads each year while striving to serve each customer as if they were the most important one.
  • to our Trunk Show team, Donald and Uma, in Asheville, NC who book and ship for trunks shows as well as our road team with a tireless commitment
  • to our Road Team, who, with us  log more than 70,000 miles on our overloaded vans annually driving our products to bead stores, internet retailers, designers and fashion customers twice a year — not simply selling beads, but asking questions and making careful note of the answers.
  • to our Customers (and their ultimate customers) who inspire, drive and support the entire cycle
  • and finally, to the Greater Good in a variety of meaningful projects on three continents, we strive daily to assist with the income you provide.


When bead shops in Jablonec — the source of all of our Czech Glass and the global center for glass beads and quality costume jewelry just a century ago — are selling to tourists cheap, knock-off beads produced a continent away, the challenges and pressures of globalization in each step of our cycle are clearly concerning.

But the opportunity to support the remaining artisans in Jablonec with our far-flung global family of customers, suppliers, friends, projects and relatives remains exhilarating. As glass trinkets and beads were a key currency in the exploration of the new world centuries ago, we actively seek opportunities to leapfrog traditional barriers through the simple beauty of our products. We have moved more deliberately than some of our competitors as we seek the ways to best maintain our commitments to our artisans, suppliers, employees, customers and the causes we value so much.  The new year will bring carefully considered initiatives and outreach. We welcome your input and ideas.

Your continued support of our simple effort means the world to us.

From our extended family to yours, we wish for you a new year of creativity, peace and fulfillment.

Nir & Shanti & our team:
Daniel, Shelley, Donald, Uma, Judi, Anne, Rachel, Teresa

Nirvana Beads Scribe

Nirvana Beads Scribe

Writer Judi Griggs designs and sells jewelry in Western New York in the summer and Texas in the winter.
Nirvana Beads Scribe
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