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Our Story


Many bead wholesale companies start with a passion for beads and beading, others apply industry neutral principles of sourcing and sales as if presenting yet another widget to the marketplace -Nirvana Beads did neither.


Beads were initially, in fact, an unexpected obstacle in the path of an awkward, young idealist who committed to volunteer full-time to a high-impact non-profit – only to discover the organization had part-ownership in a bead wholesaler and needed his help as traveling salesman. He made an initial commitment to volunteer for a couple of years, but when he discovered his assignment, Nir Kronenberg quietly promised himself he could reconsider the plan after six-months.


By serving his self-imposed sentence through reluctant and seemingly incessant travel to bead shops, Nir’s natural shyness made him more likely to listen to the shop owners than talk about what he wanted them to hear.


With that focus on the customer – the combination of beads, business and altruism worked in ways he couldn’t have imagined. He and the company evolved together. Nir was a full-time volunteer for four years, but his efforts were helping to fund the programs and projects that mattered deeply to him.


The accidental salesman took a greater role in the company and interest in operations — particularly the Czech glass and Czech button pieces the company purchased through an importer. He was an owner of the company with the non-profit by 2011 when a bright artist volunteered to help the cause with her design and photography skills.


Cynthia Shanti Moralez immediately responded to the elemental fire of glass and saw the spectrum of creative possibility in it’s color, cut, shape and finish. It only made sense for her to accompany Nir on a direct sourcing trip to the Czech Republic in 2010. Before long she was sending color and finish concepts back to Czech manufacturers for the classic upgrades to time-tested design that has become the signature for Nirvana products.


Seven years into their marriage today, Nirvana Beads belongs to them, but continues to strongly support the cause that brought them together. You will never see either one at a giant check presentation or flaunting their total contributions in any way (but public records show an impressive record of financial selflessness).


They have built Nirvana Beads on the shared passion for their original ideals, the unique and complementary skills each shares freely and a simple pragmatism. The more that Nirvana Beads sells, the more it can do.


“We donate that which is beyond what is needed for our comfort,” said Nir.


For Shanti, the glass beads are made even more beautiful by knowing that her work is creating new trends in an old-world industry.