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About Us


Good product. Good people. Good work.

Most Nirvana Bead customers quickly supply stronger superlatives to describe their experience with the wholesale bead importer – but founder Nir Kronenberg sets the bar for “good” higher than most.


Nirvana Beads strives daily to do good well.


The wholesale bead industry has changed dramatically in the past decade, but each year Nirvana continues to grow and prosper by focusing on the needs of our customers, delivering exceptional product, and reinvesting our profits in non-profit organizations which profoundly benefit the lives of others.


Over the past ten years , Nirvana Beads good path has created a rare combination of products that delight an artist’s soul, business practices that makes “promise” and “deliver” synonymous and a commitment to others that reserves a portion of every customer dollar for a greater good.


Importing approximately a metric ton of beads every two to three months, Nirvana is proud to be a significant supporter of the fragile Czech bead industry.



Nirvana is not the largest importer of Czech glass beads, but it has become a significant and consistent direct supporter the of artists and craftsmen who still make the small-batch pieces -some hand-finished individually- in an industry that has been decimated by war and technology, and globalization.


Nirvana’s focus has never been to reinvent the glorious tradition of the Czech beads and Czech buttons that dazzled on the runway shows of pre-war Paris – but to bring new excitement to traditional molds with custom colors and finishes made by traditional manufacturers with tools and techniques that preceded electricity.


We are proud that so many of the best bead shops, bead-weaving designers, bead embroidery designers and other beadwork artisans have embraced the Nirvana difference and have been with us for many years.


We support our customers needs by also offering the high-quality precision of Toho seed beads – many with hybrid Czech finishes – as well as hard-to-source brass findings that specifically complement Czech Button projects in a variety of finishes.



We work on our website daily to ensure our consumer experience at their screen is as smooth as the one we have built behind the scenes to fulfill their orders. But we still make the commitment to carry our product to our customers through a network of three regional representatives from coast to coast who log tens of thousands of miles on company vans to carry hundreds of pounds of new product to our customers twice a year.


Any experienced beader knows there are certain colors and finishes that are too subtle for the camera and textures that need to be touched. We believe our product and our customers are worth the extra time, cost and effort to put them together. (Please email is if you’d like your shop included on our next trip).


From our founder to the shipping dock – we know that nothing else we do is possible without first delighting our customers.



From inception we have maintained our commitment to take care of our business, employees and vendors – but hold for ourselves only what we need and share the rest with well-considered, non-profit organizations which share our commitment to creating opportunity and working to solve challenges for others.